A little bit about me

I am a San Jose State graduate with a BA in Child Development. I enjoy problem solving and love working on meaningful projects with teams that enjoy problem solving as much as I do! I enjoy basketball/Warriors and long walks on the beach with my partner in crime, Martin.


React - Redux - JavaScript - Node - HTML5 - Canvas - CSS - Sass - Ruby - Rails - jQuery - SQL
MongoDB - Mongoose - Express - PostgreSQL - NPM - Webpack - Babel - Rspec -

A little bit about martin

A very laid back dog, Martin loves car rides, pets, and pupperonis. He enjoys barking at dogs far away, and then standing still and not moving when dogs are up close.


Here are a few projects that I have built recently!


Inspired by the well-known investing app, Robinhood, Jasonhood is a stock trading application that allows users to purchase, sell, and keep track of stocks and assets.

Pet Connect

Pet Connect is a social media platform that allows users to reconnect their pets with pet family members and/or old friends from previous shelters, as well as make new pet friends!


Click is a JavaScript game where you can flex your clicking muscles! Based on the classic game, Dance Dance Revolution, Click consists of falling arrows that match the beat to a song, and must be pressed at the correct time.